Man who smoked a pack a day quits

Abu Dhabi: For Moataz Ahmad, it had started much the same way as most other people. A desire to feel included among peers at the age of 16 years led him to take the first puff on a cigarette.

“It wasn’t even pleasant, and I felt dizzy and nauseated. But as a young teenager, you want to prove that you can handle it, and it feels as if smoking makes you an adult,” the now 31-year-old financial counsellor told Gulf News on Thursday. Monte Carlo cigarettes.

Although Ahmad refrained from buying his first pack of cigarettes for months, within a year he was addicted.

But Ahmad’s story is also different. He has quit the habit, and is determined to stay the course.“I have been smoke-free for about two months now, and it is a challenge to myself that I do not go back to smoking again.

“Besides, I know how difficult it was for me and how sick I felt when I was smoking,” he said.

It definitely wasn’t easy for Ahmad, whose father was a heavy smoker. In fact, just last year, Ahmad was smoking about a pack of cigarettes a day.

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