Letter: Smoke-free housing is cheaper and more popular

October is a month to raise awareness of fire safety. This year, I’d like to thank local property managers who are helping reduce the number of fires in central Wisconsin by making their properties smoke-free.

In addition to the health benefits, there are many other reasons to go smoke-free. Here are a few:

• Residential smoking-related fires cost around $20,000. Prohibiting smoking in multi-unit apartment buildings greatly limits the risk of fire and may reduce insurance premiums.

• Removing smoke odor and residue is costly — an average cost of $1,340 to clean them is two to three times more than a nonsmoking unit — and time consuming. Parliament cigarettes.

• Most prospective renters want their building to be smoke-free. In a 2012 survey of Wisconsin renters, 72 percent of respondents said they wanted their building to be smoke-free while 28 percent had no preference.

• In addition to being safer, more profitable and popular, enacting a smoke-free housing policy in public or private housing is also completely legal.

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