Zimbabwe, a breach of contract growers fined $ 500

Farmers compiled Centenary did not fulfill the tobacco-growing contract signed with a local company, July 16, was fined $ 500. The Eylr farm Funda Mutimumwe (39 years) is also a command to the signing of KM Financial Solutions Company to repay $ 4,800.

He was the Darwin Mountain magistrate the Mr. Godfrey Gwake, the trial. Mr. Gwake sentenced to Mutimumwe three months imprisonment if he is to pay a fine of $ 500, you can revoke imprisonment. If he repay the $ 4800 KM financial solutions company, and sentenced him to six months' imprisonment can be completely terminated.

The plaintiff in this case is KM Financial Solutions Company, the plaintiff on behalf of the company's credit control manager Mr Weston Taonezvi.

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