To carry out actions to promote the comprehensive smoking ban, Bulgaria

To carry out actions to promote the comprehensive smoking ban, Bulgaria
November 17, Bulgaria has initiated a series on World No Tobacco Day, aims to limit smoking in public places in Bulgaria awareness activities.

This program between the Bulgarian non-governmental organizations co-product by the U.S. Bloomberg Philanthropies Foundation and the International Anti-Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, Union.

The project will have four main action - to improve social awareness on the issue of smoking, analysis of Bulgaria and the world's anti-smoking policy, the implementation of "smoke-free life," the coalition of NGOs, as well as build positive citizens on these issues position.

Entitled "Let us restore complete ban," the program will be carried out for two years by a $ 210,000 grant funding.

As shown in the name of this project, one of the main objectives is to convince legislators to approve the implementation of more stringent public smoking ban of the legislation.

In 2010, a more stringent ban in all pubs, restaurants and workplace smoking laws are taken into account, the result was a requirement to establish non-smoking area of the law instead.

To achieve these objectives, the parties involved in the project not only to meet with members of Congress, but also with the owners of pubs and restaurants to meet, because they are against the implementation of a comprehensive ban on smoking in most people.

Program participants said they also intend to invest a lot of energy, the influence extends to the smokers, inform them about the opportunities and benefits of smoking cessation.

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