ITM held in Asia, "the future of the filter" activities

Following the success of 2010, held in Poland, "the future of the filter" of activity, ITM decided to extend this theme to Asia, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia's new service center to hold a smaller event.

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In Kuala Lumpur, in new and existing customers and agents in front, ITM bars and mouth show the latest developments in logistics. Visitor feedback is very positive, ITM's high technical standards, and has trained local staff of professional service centers in Asia, Europe and Asia, and the performance of the good cooperation between the services team, to the visitor left a deep impression. Only a month after the tobacco industry for the rapidly changing technical requirements for further development, ITM has been with new partners were discussed.

Professional support

By October 17 to 21 days to carry out the day's activity is encouraged, ITM region launched a professional services and assistance operations and the entire production cycle combinations mouth stick. By doing so, ITM is not only announced its dynamic Asian markets mouth rod technology and the tobacco industry's commitment, but also to make visitors a glimpse into the future.

Guests are showing the ITM Gemini Polaris models C and, finally, to experience the world's most versatile and flexible multi-mouth bar complex machine: Rui Si.

Polaris C is a universal mouth stick machine, and can be used with different particles, powder or fiber additives clean and precise application. This machine is designed not only to produce a special filter tip, and it can quickly adjust for the production of a single acetate filter tip. Conversion components allow rapid changes in diameter, standard components can be produced in advance of its special setting the diameter of the filter tip.

Gemini machine is the world's first and only fully automated access to industry-proven storage and mouth stick use separate trays and handle large flows of real-time distribution system. The whole system can receive, store and distribute filter tip, 100% traceability and flexibility to achieve maximum speed and now the demand for maximum efficiency. Separate tray technology to ensure gentle handling, does not affect product quality, especially important for composite filter tip.

"Core thinking" is the most flexible mouth stick synthesizer, capable of producing the greatest variety of mouth stick, high accuracy, fast conversion. "Core thinking" in the rod is not used during the transmission of wind suction, which means it can use different materials, various types of composite-based bar, including high-permeability paper, no outsourcing paper, high density and low density materials, even if is a hollow material can also be used. At the event, visitors can witness the filter tip combinations of real flexibility, and learn how to change the size of fast and simple.

"Here's 'the future of the filter' activities, showing Rui Si, which first appeared in Asia", ITM Terry Lock, Managing Director of Asia, said. "Rui Si impressive is that it is the first integration of the previous three major industry can not meet the requirements of the machine: flexible filter tip material, quickly and safely change the type of mouth stick, stick to a very small base composite rods into the mouth. Visitors also had the opportunity during the event responsible for the operation and display some of the well-trained service engineers to meet the ITM Asia. "

Innovative partnerships

Other solutions, such as Polaris C and Gemini have been praised, and Asian service center itself. "From every point of view, 'the future of Asia's filter' of the activities are very successful," Lock said. "Because of this activity, several customers contact us to discuss the future to adapt to new market needs and solutions to adjust for ITM, 'the future of the filter', is just the beginning, we have the tobacco industry's reputation for innovative partner and we will continue to do so. "

ITM provides scalable mouth bar production equipment, has had to meet the needs of the industry can not meet the unique ability. The regional service center in Malaysia, ITM in the region with the highest standards of service, maintenance and after-sales service, such as eliminating the time zone, logistics, language, cultural differences and unnecessary costs and other obstacles.

ITM is the world's leading suppliers of tobacco machinery, with the highest production to meet customer requirements of a long history of tobacco equipment. The use of ITM Asia Center, ITM has permanently settled in the East. As the company's open innovation and a keen rapidly changing market forecasts, ITM for the tobacco industry to continue to provide technical and highly advanced solution.

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